For those in Edinburgh, our Tuesday drop-ins are very busy and you may save yourself a long wait if you check the site & our links first. We use our Facebook page to pass on day-to-day information but if you’d like to get involved in ECAP or a similar group elsewhere we actively encourage you to contact us!

Benefit Guides

Working Tax Credits & Child Tax Credits

Bedroom Tax

ESA & the WCA



Universal Credit

PIP & the WCA

Workfare & Employability

Universal Jobmatch


Legal Advice


Housing & Landlords


Migrants / Refugees



Activist Groups


Benefit Guides

The Advice Shop Service provided by the City of Edinburgh Council

CPAG Factsheets

Benefits Guide

Age UK Guide to benefits Government website with official benefit information

Citizens Advice Guide to Benefits

Jobseeker’s Allowance Guide 2010

Working Tax Credits & Child Tax Credits

CPAG Guide to Tax Credits

HM Revenues & Customs Information on income tax, tax credits and child benefit

Bedroom Tax

Updated Exemptions to the Bedroom Tax 2013

Age Related Exemption

DWP Guidelines for Local Authority Staff

DPAC West Lothian

ESA & the WCA

Disability Rights UK ESA overview

Qualifying for ESA; The Points System (15 points needed to qualify)

Descriptors for ESA Support Group

Test to See if Qualify for ESA

A Claimants’ Guide to ESA & Atos

RETHINK’S Guide to Atos Assessments For people with mental health issues

DWP Guidance on Work Capability Assessments For Healthcare Professionals (i.e. ATOS/IAS)

Bristol City Council’s Guide to Completing ESA Forms

Advice for Service Veterans Facing Atos

Info & Template Letter on Appealing ATOS Decisions But see the guide to the new procedure below

CAB Guide to Making a Complaint About Atos

Useful Guide to Filling in ESA50 Forms


CPAG’s Guide to Sanctions

DWP Guidance on JSA Sanctions October 2012

Jobseeker Sanction Advice Service ex-DWP employees offering advice on JSA sanctions

TURN2US Guide to Jobseeker’s Allowance Sanctions

JSA Hardship Payment guidelines


Citzens Advice Guidance on ESA Appeals

Backdated ESA After Mandatory Reconsideration (if you appeal)

Disability Rights Guide to ‘Reconsideration & Appeals’

CPAG Guide to the New Rules & Procedures for Appealing Decisions 

CPAG Appeal Toolkit

DWP Decision Makers’ Guide

Advice Now Advice and free letter templates

Universal Credit

Guide to Universal Credit

Work Related Requirements for the Employed 

PIP / PIP Assessments

CPAG Guide to Personal Independence Payment

Government Site to Check How PIP Affects You

PIP Information An adviser guide to Personal Independence Payment regulations and case law

Workfare & Employability

DWP Guide on Back to Work Schemes

Securing Your Rights on Workfare

Mandatory Work Activity Provider Guidance

Mandatory Work Activity JCP Adviser Procedural Guidance 2014

Work Programme Provider Mandation Guidance 2012

Know Your Rights on Workfare Schemes

Work Programme Survival Guide from SUWN

Find A Job / Universal Jobmatch

Guide to DWP Mandating JSA Claimants to Create a Profile & Public CV in Universal Jobmatch

Your Rights Under Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch (2013) Your Rights see page 16, Section 51

For automated Job Searches


Consumer Action Group Debt Section

Consumer Action Group Sheriff Officers Please register for The CAG Forum & share information with others in the same situation

Edinburgh North Debt Centre Free debt help & support, Edinburgh area

Appealing Against Bankruptcy Info on appealing against bankruptcy and other useful info

Advice Scotland This Glasgow blog has useful info on debt

Debt for Parking Fines This section of CAB has useful info on your rights if faced with debt for parking fines, including when sheriff officers can be deployed

Money Saving Expert on Mental Health & Debt leaflet 2012

Debt Advice in Scotland 

National Debtline Guide to Bankruptcy & Sequestration in Scotland

Enforcing a Debt The law on enforcing a debt against you

Debt Advice UK Free & paid advice

The Insolvency Service

The Debt Counsellors Charitable Trust England & Wales only

Accountant in Bankruptcy Scotland only. Can be useful but watch what you say as they are a government organisation.

StepChange debt advice charity

Legal Advice

Govan Law Centre

Birmingham Peoples Centre Free employment rights advice in Birmingham

Disability Law Service

Edinburgh University School of Law Free legal advice on Debt, Employment, Landlord and Tenant disputes

Scottish Legal Aid Board How to find a legal aid solicitor in Scotland

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman Public sector complaints

Details of the 2012 Welfare Act

CAB Guide to Police Powers in Scotland

Sandy Adirondack Employment Law including Volunteering

Ethnic Minorities Law Centre


How to Deal with a Benefit Fraud Interview England and Wales ONLY

AdviceNow’s Guide to Being Interviewed Under Caution by DWP

Housing & Landlords

Living Rent Edinburgh (formerly EPTAG) Helping & campaigning for those who rent

North Edinburgh Housing Action Group 

Shelter Scotland

Focus E15 Mothers Newham Mothers fight for housing in London

Edinburgh Housing Advice Partnership Advice and help for home owners, council, HA and private sector tenants

Shelter’s Guide to Winning Back Letting Agent’s Fees

Housing Action Southwark & Lambeth Facebook & Twitter

Haringey Housing ActionFacebook & Twitter

Migrants / Refugees

Scottish Refugee Council Help and advice for refugees and asylum seekers

NELMA London based campaign organisation

The Migrants’ Rights Network

The AIRE Centre Source of information relating to migrant worker, benefits & welfare rights

Positive Action in Housing Emergency funds can be available to migrants otherwise barred from other help

Ubuntu Women Shelter For those in Glasgow with ‘no recourse to public funds’


Inclusion Scotland Relevant info for disabled claimants & generally

CPAG Guide to benefits for disabled children and their carers

Disability Rights Benefit fact sheets

Disability Information Scotland Advice on general disability issues + can refer you to specialist organisation

Universal Credit and Disability

Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living (LCiL) Based in Edinburgh

Grapevine Disability Information Services Based at LCiL


Benefits & Work’s full list of free to mobile phone DWP 0800 numbers 2013

Gingerbread advice and support for single parents

One Parent Families Scotland

Fuel Poverty Action Group taking action against rip-off energy bills with useful help & advice

DWP Service Standards Includes how to complain

Turn2us Benefits Calculator Check what you should be getting

Equality & Human Rights Commission Advice & Help

Financial Ombudsman Service  Advice and help with your financial dispute

Independent Case Examiner Jobcentre and Child Support Agency complaints

Low Pay Unit Information and advice on the rights of low paid workers DEAD LINK

DWP Policy on Financial Redress for Injustice Resulting from Maladministration

Civil Service Staff Code of Conduct may be useful at DWP!

Indus Delta News, views and gossip from the workfare & ’employability’ industry

The Void Social justice blogger

Activist Groups

Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh (ACE) autonomous space, home to ECAP & other groups

Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre

Participation & the Practice of Rights PPR Project Belfast

Norwich Claimants Union

Glasgow Solidarity Network social justice centre [OUT OF DATE]

Glasgow Autonomous Space (GAS) 

WestGAP free, independent & confidential advice covering welfare rights

Bath Against Cuts

Birmingham Claimants Union

Boycott Workfare

Brighton & Hove Women Against the Cuts

Defend the Right to Protest

Dundee Against Austerity Campaign to unite low paid workers and claimants

False Economy Action map to find your local campaign against government cuts

Hastings Solidarity

Ipswitch Unemployed Action Fighting for the rights of the Unemployed

Leeds Welfare Fightback Against benefit sanctions, benefit cuts and misery of work

Leicestershire Solidarity Group

Lochaber Commonweal Direct action and helping claimants with benefit sanctions

London Coalition Against Poverty 

North Edinburgh Against the Cuts Defending Edinburgh public services

Scottish Unemployed Workers Network Advice and information

Solidarity Federation UK section of the International Workers Association (IWA)

The Poor Side of Life Charlotte Hughes – regular jobcentre demo, helping claimants

Teeside Solidarity Movement

Welsh Claimants Union Advice and support for benefit claimants

Brighton Solidarity Federation Solidarity with public, collective struggles in housing, workers, migrants etc.

Haringey Solidarity Group Activists fighting housing issues & much else


Auckland Action Against Poverty Mobilising against neoliberal agenda on jobs, welfare and poverty

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Campaigns against regressive policies as they affect poor and working people

Sydney Solidarity Network Activists in Australia fighting bad landlords and employers

Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union Protecting the unemployed and the welfare state in Oz from attacks

Seattle Solidarity Network First hand account of organizing and fighting poverty in Seattle

Netherlands Doorbraak In Dutch, anti-workfare group doing similar work to boycott workfare in Holland

Skya Greece Greek activists fighting workfare & poverty in Greece

LabourNet TV Covering precarious work and welfare struggles around the world

3COSAS / IWGB Cleaner’s strike in London, fighting for a living wage outside of official Union structures

German Unemployed Fight Back Short films in German



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