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Three or more children:

The UK Government’s decision not to give extra help for third and subsequent children unless they were born as a result of rape, is so toxic that they have not yet worked out how to implement it. For now, until November 2018, larger families will claim on the old Tax Credit system. This terrible policy seems to be a cut in child tax credit which has not yet been translated into UC.
– SUWN UC article 

Beware of self-employment on UC:

Under universal credit, claimants who have been self-employed for more than a year are deemed to be earning the equivalent of the minimum wage for all the hours they are expected to have worked each month. This is known as the Minimum Income Floor (MIF). A claimant’s universal credit is assessed as if they were meeting the MIF, even if in reality they are earning a great deal less.

An advance payment of UC:

Officially known as a “Universal Credit Advance” this can be asked for while you wait for your first UC payment. It’s a loan not a grant and you pay it back once you start receiving UC. These loans are repayable at an amount of up to 40% of the total Universal Credit payments you receive each month. Negotiating a lower amount can often be difficult.



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